open your world of wonder with the source

Quiver with excitement, understand, learn, let yourself be surprised by an idea, a glance, a work of art, a story, shift perspectives, redefine your outlook.
Open up, feel the world’s pulse beating, strive for more, discover yourself and everything else, make room for the energy of life.
Last but not least: share. Share the true essence of existence, the meaning of each moment, the music of the people who set the tempo of our emotions, what we care about, what makes us happy.

Because we believe that youth is not about age, it’s a mindset, it’s the ability to enjoy a sense of wonder and delight, it’s a pure, fresh look at the world, like that of a child.
We created the source because we believe that wonder is a precious gift that should be preserved cherished.

evian the source is the place where you can revive, experience, share your sense of wonder by exploring content that’s inspirational, energizing, entertaining, surprising and moving.


Day after day, evian the source unveils fresh new content:

  • every Tuesday, content created by talented artists backed by evian. The first members of this creative brand network include Sébastien Montaz, Anthony Headley, Nicolas Pelloille, Laurent Pratlong and Camille Bovier Lapierre.
  • several times a day, content (such as videos, photos, quotes, music, tweets) chosen from the Web for their correlation with the project
  • this content moves, circulates, is savored and shared, here and everywhere, on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and more.

The evian Live young team